Wetland investigations

Woodlots and Wetlands key staff qualifications and activities include
  • PhD in soil and water management in flooded and dryland situations
  • Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Guest lectures on wetland design to post graduate students at University of Technology Sydney
  • Expert witness on impact of illegal destruction of Gwydir Wetlands

Indicative projects include:

  • Assessment of drought impacts on the Macquarie Marsh Vegetation
Woodlots & Wetlands were contracted by the Federal Department of Environment and Heritage to assess the impact of ploughing on this Ramsar listed wetland in the Gwydir catchment.
  • Assessment of the impacts of NSW Water Management Plan for the Murrumbidgee Valley on the Lowbidgee Wetlands
  • Preparation of the Wingecarribee Shire Wetlands Management Strategy.
  • Plan of Management for Jerrabomberra Wetlands.
  • Peer review and stakeholder consultation for a wetland to treat stormwater from a 760 ha catchment in Auckland City
  • Design of wetland to treat stormwater runoff from a 297 ha urban catchment in Narrandera.
Woodlots & Wetlands designed a wetland to reduce the impact of Narrandera Township on the quality of downstream water.
  • Development of pondage and wetlands to assist urban stormwater management in Clarence Town.
  • Concept design and implementation plan for Berowra Creek Wetlands, West Pennant Hills.
  • Restoration of Trumper Park Pondage.
  • Design and modelling of an urban stormwater wetland for an 1180 ha catchment on Bunbury Curran Creek.
  • Modelling and assessment of Eastern and Northern Stormwater Quality Control Ponds. Sydney Olympic Site.
  • Identification of wetland boundaries within a potential development at Lennox Head.
  • Determination of riparian vegetation for Parramatta Golf Club Wetlands.
Woodlots & Wetlands designed a wetland to reduce the impact of Narrandera Township on the quality of downstream water.
  • Urban wetlands at Lancelot St Blacktown.
  • Design of inline wetlands to improve urban stormwater in Townsville.
  • Assessment of the potential for wetlands to treat landfill leachate at Lucas Heights and Belrose landfills.
  • Nutrient removal from stormwater at St Patrick’s Seminary Site, Manly.
  • Design and modelling of an urban stormwater wetland for a 6000 ha catchment at Minto
  • Modelling of free water and subsurface wetlands to assess suitability for treating runoff from a 300 ha catchment Ambarvale.
  • Development of stabilisation strategy for portion of Wheeny Creek Wetlands.
  • Vegetation management plan for Madela Wetlands, Springwood.
  • Review of inline wetland in Waitara Creek.

Woodlots & Wetlands designed these stormwater treatment wetlands at Clarence Town. They also prepared the REF and supervised the construction and planting.
  • Design and implementation of management plan to restore Third St wetland Blackheath.
  • Design of wetlands and swales to improve urban runoff in Dubbo.
  • Design of stormwater retention ponds and wetlands adjacent to Tempe Landfill.
  • Use of wetlands to treat urban stormwater. Catchments examined included Hawthorne Canal, Dobroyd Canal in Sydney and Bargo Township.
  • Development of wetlands to treat human waste at Pormpuraaw.
  • Feasibility assessment for a 20 ha effluent polishing wetland near Cairns.
Rehabilitating wetlands damaged during development at Blackheath. Woodlots & Wetlands designed the remediation and supervised the operation.
Construction of inline stormwater system for a reuse scheme on a golf course. Woodlots & Wetlands designed the system, prepared the EMP and supervised the construction.
Construction of inline stormwater treatment wetland at Cherrybrook. Woodlots & Wetlands undertook detailed modelling of wetland performance. They then supervised construction and wrote the EMP.


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