Water Sensitive Urban Design and Integrated Water Cycle Management Projects

Woodlots and Wetlands key staff qualifications and activities include

  • PhD in soil and water management
  • Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control
  • River Styles ® certified (Macquarie Uni)
  • Post graduate short courses in Water Sensitive Urban Design (Monash Uni)
  • Presentation of WSUD papers at conferences
  • Post graduate certificate course in Public Participation

Indicative projects include:

  • Design of waterway and wetland systems to protect aquatic habitats from urban stormwater in Pittwater LGA.
  • Design of integrated stormwater treatment systems involving bio-retention swales, water tanks, bio-retention swales, dry retention basins, GPTs and wetlands for several 10 to 20 ha urban sectors in Warriewood Valley.
  • Use of WSUD for modelling of water cycle for a 440 unit retirement village at Forresters Beach.
  • WSUD applied to redevelopment of Defence lands and waterbodies at Moorebank.
  • WSUD for urban developments by Wagga City Council. Woodlots & Wetlands were engaged by NSW Planning to develop detailed WSUD design for over 40 ha of urban developments.
  • WSUD principles application to a major redevelopment site at Kurnell. This study developed the concept of ‘internal’ processing of stormwater.
  • Design of bio-retention system for industrial developments in western Sydney.
  • Assessment of a series of Blacktown City Council industrial subdivisions in the Eastern Creek Catchment to ensure zero increase in peak runoff.
  • Assessment of stormwater devices required to reduce urbanisation impacts on Lake Macquarie.

Major runoff water management features for this large subdivision were designed by Woodlots & Wetlands.