Streams and Stormwater investigations

Woodlots and Wetlands key staff qualifications and activities include

  • PhD in soil and water management in flooded and dryland situations
  • Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control
  • River Styles ® certified
  • Post graduate short courses in fluvial geomorphology (U Melbourne) and urban stormwater management (Monash Uni)
  • Post graduate certificate course in Public Participation

Indicative projects include:


  • Geomorphological assessment of urban impacts on 20 streams in Hornsby Shire.
Many urban streams are contaminated with domestic rubbish, faecal material, weeds, excess nutrients and sediment. The increased outflow rates from urban development can cause scouring and bank collapse. Woodlots & Wetlands undertook an assessment of 20 of these streams for Hornsby Shire Council.
  • Environmental impact assessment for stream rehabilitation in Botany, Goulburn and Lithgow.
  • Design of rehabilitation activity for damaged water course Third St Blackheath.
  • Environmental assessment of regulated discharge from the Metropolitan Dams, Sydney on downstream conditions
  • Effect of regulated discharge on bank stability and contaminant load in Doudles Folly Creek.
  • Assessment of Maxwell Creek recovery following realignment for urban development.
  • Assessment and mitigation of dam impacts on the McLaughlin River.
Woodlots & Wetlands designed a renovation program for this urban wetland to improve its efficiency in treating urban pollution and to create habitat.
  • Statement of Environmental Effects to assess dredging in Duck River.
  • Determination of stability requirements for Duck River
  • 3A permitting for developments adjacent to creeks in western Sydney.
Re-creation of riffle pond sequence in Maxwells Creek, Liverpool. Woodlots & Wetlands prepared the planting plan and the EMP for the site. They also undertook auditing of site rehabilitation on behalf of Department of Infrastructure Planning and Natural Resources.
  • Statement of Environmental Effects to assess stabilisation needs of a drainage line in Little Duck Creek catchment.
  • Review of Environmental Factors to assess stream stabilisation needs for a stream through the Merck Sharp and Dohme property at Guildford
  • Assessment of impacts of dams of eastern Australian Rivers
Woodlots & Wetlands were contracted to assess geomorphic impacts of dams on the Cordeaux, Cataract, Avon and Nepean Rivers.
Erosion from this boat launching site is adding sediment to the Kangaroo River. Woodlots & Wetlands undertook the assessment for Sydney Catchment Authority.
Woodlots & Wetlands have designed a stabilisation strategy for this creek.
  • Development of stream stabilisation strategy for American Creek as part of a 200 ha urbanisation project.
  • Review of stream stabilisation requirements for a development on Howes Creek, East Kurrajong.
  • Stabilisation strategy for drainage lines exiting the Chullora Inter-modal railway yards



  • Stormwater management plans for Lower Parramatta, Liverpool Griffith, Leeton, Walcha and Salt Pan Creek Catchments.
  • Stormwater management Audit for Homebush Bay Catchment.
  • Stormwater management Audit for Lower Parramatta River Catchment.
  • Stormwater risk audit of Auburn Local Government Area.
  • Assessment of Stormwater treatment train for Star of the Sea Development Terrigal.
  • Design of inline storages to provide irrigation water for Bexley Golf Course

Woodlots & Wetlands designed and supervised the installation of inline storages to capture stormwater at Bexley Golf Course.
Woodlots & Wetlands undertook detailed modelling and designed the planting strategy for this pond at the Sydney Olympic site.
Woollahra Council staff inspecting the Trumper Park Pond. This was designed by Woodlots & Wetlands for passive recreation as well as stormwater quality improvement.
  • Assessment of feasibility of using leachate from the M5 motorway, Sydney for irrigation
  • Preparation of Catchment Management Plan for Bargo Catchment
  • Assessment of stormwater management options for Alexandra Canal
  • Prioritisation of stormwater management devices and sites for Lake Macquarie
  • Assessment of impacts of quarry water discharge on surrounding lands
  • Stabilisation requirements of drainage lines in Ashlar Golf course.