Recent papers and presentations by Woodlots &Wetlands

Stream Management and Revegetation Workshop (Co presenter) for Blue Mountains City Council. May 2000

Roles of Goulburn City in Managing Catchment Water Quality. Paper at Second Australian Stream Management Conference (Bacon, P, Rawling, J, Tuft, R, Smith, A, Miller, J. and van Vliet, M). Adelaide, February 1999

Development of an Urban Stormwater Strategy for Lands above an Ecologically Sensitive Area. Paper at the 6th Annual Soil and Water Management Conference. (Bacon, P. E., Carr, R. S. and Paton, D). Melbourne 1998.

Time Series Approach to Environmental Modelling- The Warriewood Valley Integrated Water Management Strategy
Paper at Int. Conference on Urban Stormwater Management.
(Carr, R, Bacon, P., Tuft, R. and Paton, D). Sydney 1998

An integrated Effluent Reuse and Wetland Development Project. Paper at the Sixth NSW Recycled Water Conference Series. (Bacon, P) Sydney, 1998.

Soil as a reactive filter for high strength industrial wastes. Paper at the Australian Soil Science Society Inc. National Soils Conference (Bacon, P and Tinsley, S) Brisbane 1998.

Responses of floodplain primary production to floods of different frequency and seasonal timing. Robertson, A.I., Bacon, P., and Heagney, G. (2001). Journal of Applied Ecology 38, 126-136.

Impact of bulk water transfers in the Cordeaux River, Sydney, on availability of habitat suitable for aquatic fauna. Bacon, P, Berryman, T. and Gippel, C. Seventh International River Symposium. Brisbane August, 2004.

Use of natural drainage lines to transfer flows between water storage reservoirs. (Bacon, P., and Berryman, T.) Fourth Australian Stream Management Conference. Launceston. Oct 2004.

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