About the Company

Woodlots & Wetlands have a 'hands-on' approach to projects ensuring client needs are fully understood. Each stage is based on direct contact with the project director. The successful completion of numerous potentially conflict provoking projects is indicative of the company's ability to find satisfactory solutions to ecologically sustainable development issues.

Woodlots & Wetlands has a proven track record of multidisciplinary projects undertaken by itself, as well as in partnership with a strong team of other specialised companies.

Woodlots & Wetlands is an environmental science based company committed to applying sound theoretical information in developing innovative practical solutions to environmental issues.

Woodlots & Wetlands have a formal Quality Control process to ensure the firm’s continued commitment to produce quality work. The formal system involves procedures for effective understanding of client briefs, planning and controlling the managerial and technical aspects of all work, assigning competent staff to undertake the work and verifying that outputs meet the particular requirements of each client.